Active studies

Identification of social and well being changes among participants in a net ball league "Mamanet"

  • Researchers: Prof. Orna Baron-Epel, Dr. Shiran Bord, Dr. Riki Tesler, Prof. Dani Moran
  • in collaboration with The Ariel University Center of Samaria

Accompanying research for the "HENRI Israel" program for young children

  • Researchers: Prof. Orna Baron-Epel, Dr. Shira Zelber-Sagi, Dr. Shiran Bord, Yuval Peldi
  • in collaboration with the Tovanot Institute

Accompanying research for the "Health-Promoting Environments" program

  • Researchers: Dr. Mika Moran, Prof. Perla Werner, and Prof. Israel Doron
  • in collaboration with the Center for Research and Study of Aging