Academic instruction

Students in the health promotion track in the School of Public Health at the University of Haifa are required to participate in the following health promotion courses during their studies, in addition to taking a variety of elective courses in the field:

  • Social and behavioral aspects of health
  • Key concepts in health promotion
  • Planning and Evaluation of an intervention program in health promotion
  • Practicum in health promotion


Aside from the academic and theoretical knowledge which students acquire and develop throughout the course of their studies, the Year 2 coursework is tailored to give students appropriate skills and tools,  to prepare them for the health promotion field:

  • the ability to carry out a community survey of needs
  • the ability to develop intervention program goals according the SMART principle
  • the ability to select appropriate intervention strategies, approaches, and methods for both the program and the target community
  • the ability to compose a health promotion intervention program proposal
  • the ability to plan an intervention program
  • to allow the student to implement the health promotion theories and principles they have learned throughout their studies
  • the ability to identify and understand the health promotion needs of the community or selected as the intervention target
  • an understanding of how to health promotion services are carried out in the field, and the challenges that must be overcome during implementation
  • the ability to engage in critical thought in terms of practical work that is carried out in the field of health promotion in organizations
  • the ability to work as part of a team
  • the ability to implement a defined task in the field of health promotion
  • the ability to analyze population needs in terms of culture / ethnicity / etc
  • the ability to communicate what was done within the framework of the practicum
  • develop self awareness in terms of abilities and personal preferences for future work in the health promotion field